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Soft and hard water conditions need multi-functional treatment chemicals which usually come in a variety of specialist cooling water treatment products. For an open recirculating cooling water system we usually use 100% organic deposit, liquid scale and corrosion inhibitor. These products are also used for air washer systems and evaporative condensers. Due to moist environment bacteria, algae and Fungi are often found in industrial air washing systems, recirculating water systems and closed systems. For this reason a polymeric micro biocide has been created for controlling and eliminating these infections and reducing the problem effectively and safely.


Nar-Cide is a advanced Polymeric micro biocide developed to prevent biological growth in cooling towers. It is designed to eradicate algae, bacteria, and fungi in re-circulating water systems, industrial air washing systems, and other closed water systems.


Nar-Shield is an organic inhibitor designed to prevent the buildup of scale and recommended for use in re-circulating cooling water systems, air washer systems and evaporative condensers.