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Large facilities and properties like hotels, buildings, hospitals, and many manufacturing facilities contain Heat Exchangers. These heat exchangers are very important for everyday operations and are primarily designed to transfer temperature from one form to another. Scale, organic deposit, lime, rust and more will be collected by the heat exchanger on its waterside in this so called transfer.

The heat transfer in thermal systems can be disrupted by hard scaling on the surfaces of the equipment. The hard scaling is formed by scale deposits that contain high levels of calcium that precipitate from the water streaming through the water handling tubes and equipment. You will not see these problems on new thermal systems but after a while problems will start to take effect slowly but surely and these problems need to be taken care of. The deposits reduce the flow of the water in pipes and nozzles, causing an interference with the heat transfer in the thermal systems.

Over the years, technology has provided us with a wide range of professional tube cleaning products. Most of these products are liquid based cleaners and they safely dissolve all the organic and mineral deposits. These deposits include calcium, rust, mud, grease, lithium carbonate and other materials that can easily be dissolved and excluded quickly from the pipes leaving them clean for a period of time. These products are called biodegradable products and they are specifically for passages in water cooled or heated equipment. These products are absolutely safe to use on equipment made of materials such as iron, copper, steel, stainless steel and even plastic and rubber. If used as directed, the operating efficiency will completely improve and extend your equipment’s life expectancy.
Biodegradable tube cleaning products are especially made and ideal for use on water piping systems, boilers, condensers, furnaces, oil coolers, chillers and heat exchangers.

SX-3 is an hydrochloric acid (muriatic acid) based cleaner that has been formulated to remove calcium scales from steam boilers, water condensers , and other thermal systems.
Sx-4 is our Heavy-Duty Industrial Cleaner developed for use in closed loops systems and water evaporators. This product excels at cleaning and emulsifying dirt and debris in closed system tubes, as well cleaning equipment surfaces that are fouled by corrosion, grease, lubricants and other hard to clean contaminants.

SX-5 has been developed by us as a safe and effective tube cleaner for use in open systems, designed to replace the dangerous acids that are commonly used for this purpose. SX-5 has been formulated to remove calcium scales from heat exchanger and other water-cooled equipment. The added detergent-inhibitor additives in the SX-5 formula provide outstanding protection to all the metal parts of the system.
SX_6_4e7842bc624a0 copySX-6
A specially developed acid based product designed for the removal and diffusion of soluble deposits from cooling towers & Evapco units. Supplied as a dry powder it contains an efficient and stable scale inhibitor for use in cooling towers. Highly effective in hard water, it will not harm or damage any metal parts in the system and does lead to the formation of any orthophosphate sludge.