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Pipe Freezing Kit

Pipe freeze plugging is a unique and simple solution to many pipe maintenance problems. It is a very straightforward and a cost-effective solution that enables you to fix the problem in your system without the need for a complete shutdown.
The system uses liquid carbon dioxide in order to create a solid frozen plug in the pipe-line. Once the plug has been created, the maintenance work can begin. This technique eliminates the risk of losing costly process fluids, minimizes down-time, and there is no need to drain and then refill the system. After the work is completed the kit is removed, and the plugs thaw and the system can then return to full normal function.
When using the kit the pipe flow must first be turned off. The freezing jacket is then attached around the pipe at a position that is upstream from the section that needs to be repaired. The jacket is then filled with the CO2 to form the ice plug.
The pipe freezing kit includes jackets for use with pipes between ½” and 4″ (13 – 114mm) ODT connector, two 8′ (2.4m) high pressure hoses, unfilled cylinder, pair of insulated gloves, 20 lb (9.1 kg) CO2 safety glasses, a carrying bag and usage instructions.