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The indoor air quality can be severely affected by the following main causes: Black Mold, Viruses, Fungi, and Bacteria. Unpleasant allergic reactions can be triggered by the black mold, which creates fungi spores and defensive dangerous toxins. The toxins attach to the tiny dust cells or waste materials and the by-products of the microbe colonies. Airborne viruses can cause humans to develop diseases and the bacteria are usually responsible for smells that can become unpleasant to the human environment. These contaminants are flowing into the air we breathe by the air conditioning systems. Dirty air conditioning is definitely a problem that must be solved for better living and for the safety of our loved ones. Some health concerns associated with high levels of airborne mold include an elevated risk of both respiratory infections and bronchitis. Also mold can cause asthma attacks for people with an existing asthma problem. Some inhaled mold spores can be quite dangerous and attach to human cells inside the respiratory system and cause further problems.

Auto Clean-Air
We are happy to present our latest development in the field of coil-cleaners. Auto-Clean-Air is a new and innovative product specifically designed for cleaning and deodorizing vehicle air-conditioning systems. It comes in an easy to use sprayer, and can be used on all types of vehicles (cars, buses, and trucks) to eliminate mold and bacteria build-up, guaranteeing the inside of the vehicle, a fresh clean and pleasant environment.
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Clean-Air is a revolutionary “no rinse” spray developed especially for use in cleaning and disinfecting indoor condenser and evaporator coils from harmful bacteria and mold build-up. It is safe and easy to use, and will not damage or cause any harm to the metal coils .Using Clean-Air will eliminate the bad odors that are a result the presence of mold and mildew in the A/C system.
Eco-Clean is a newly developed “no rinse” product specially designed to enable effective cleaning of evaporator coils indoors. It is safe and easy to use, and will not damage or cause any harm to the metal coils. Eco-clean are ideal for use during seasonal maintenance, and its use will help to prevent future contamination of the coils. Eco-Clean is a very user friendly product and can be easily used by the non-professional private home owner.
Pan-Clean Tab
Pan-Clean is a powerful biocide formulated to stop and prevent the build-up of bacteria and slime in the condensation drain pans of HVAC&R systems. Pan-Clean has full EPA registration and effectively kills 99% of Salmonella Typhii and Legionella Pheumophila. It also contains a rust inhibitor and acid rain neutralizer.