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After periods of continues usage, ice machines can develop lime and scale deposits. If the water source to the ice machine provides hard water, then these deposits can form allot faster. Furthermore, lime and scale deposits can also form even with soft water. It’s important to notice this deposit build up because that means that the ice machine needs a cleanup.

It has been known that hydrochloric acid and muriatic acid can dissolve lime and scale deposits but these chemicals are not safe to consume. Today, we can find nickel safe ice cleaning solutions that are phosphoric/critic food grade and are very safe to use on ice machines. In fact, these products are formulated to dissolve and remove any sludge and scale sedimentations from machines and devices with tin or nickel plated evaporators. These products can safety be used to clean ice making machines, hot water kettles, coffee urns, dishwashers, laundry machines, aluminum equipment, and vending equipment, etc.

There are two main types of liquid based ice machine cleaners and they include the nickel safe ice machine cleaner and also the liquid ice machine cleaner. These products are primarily designed for removing that hard to get rid of lime and scale deposits. The cleaners can be used directly on water using equipment that becomes scaled up after a long time of usage. The products work on water heaters and also humidifiers
During an ice maker’s life cycle, water gets frozen which produces the ice and during this cycle, little minerals that naturally occur in the water gets left behind in the recirculating ice water. This mainly happens as a result of the water trying to freeze the minerals in their pure state. As time goes by and the machine’s cycles continue on going, the concentration of these mineral increases and then, eventually, a precipitate is formed called lime scale. This is the main problem with ice making machines and is water related of course.

The continues formation of this lime scale eventually makes an obstacle for the water flow because of the blockage that has been made. Blocked distribution holes limit the water flow to a point that ultimately causes the ice making machine to unfortunately jam. While the ice productivity is mainly reduced, the machine can stop working all together if not taken care of properly.
It doesn’t matter if your ice machine is making ice flakes or ice cubes, this process can affect any ice machine. It is often believed that ice flake machines do suffer from this problem but this is not true and they can also produce a scale build up. Avoiding the problem can result in a jammed auger and a broken drive mechanism or belt as well.

When scaling is a problem, it is easily noticed by users of the ice making machine. The machine needs to be cleaned with an acid in order to dissolve the scale. The acid needs to be strong enough to dissolve the scale but it also needs to be safe for your equipment and for future human consumption (food-grade safe).


Ice-Blaster Ice Machine Cleaner is a custom designed phosphoric/citric food-grade product. It is designed for use on ice making machines that use tin or nickel plated evaporators.


Ice-Clean is a safe and very quick acting phosphoric acid based descaler. It has the highest food grade rating and there are no unpleasant or harmful fumes released when used.


Ice-Sanitizer is an ice machine sanitizer with a new and enhanced formula that is designed to eliminate and prevent slime growth in ice makers and other food processing machines .Its high concentration effectively guarantees you clean and odor free equipment.