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Common problems for condensers, evaporators, refrigerant coil levels and equipment are caused by airborne dust and debris. Once the coils get dirty from dust and debris, the cooling levels and the unit’s efficiency are reduced significantly. This problem contributes to the reduction of the lifespan of your compressors or condensers. They become worn out to a point that your air conditioning unit stops working properly. This problem also increases your energy expenses because more energy is being consumed once the coil levels get dirty, so having it checked by air conditioning services saves a lot of money. The compressor needs to work harder than initially required, consequently contributing to a shorter life span.

Coil cleaning products include alkaline and acidic based detergents as well as biodegradable products. These products have aggressive features such as cleaning the most stubborn and hard to remove deposits from deep within the coil beds, but also very safe to use. Using the right combination of products will help to safely restore high capacity and efficiency, and save you time in cleaning.

Finding the right products for coil cleaning and indoor quality air units can be a difficult task. A smart thing to do is search for a well-known company that has been around for a while. To acquire knowledge of how the technology works, and understanding the full aspects of the maintenance of a product can come with experience. The more experience a company has, the wider the range of products that they produce. Also, time allows these products to be perfected over time. Coil cleaning products should be backed by expert technical directions and advice. Users will usually need help in choosing the right and ideal product for their special needs.

Gad-Coil is a unique and highly effective condenser and evaporator coil cleaner, that we have developed applying our years of experience and expertise in this field. It “high foaming action” quickly and effectively dissolves all the dirt and soils deep within in the coil bed leaving the system bright and clean. Gab-Coil’s alkaline-based and non-acidic formula combines the most advanced surfactants and detergents available today that enable it to quickly penetrate and dissolve the oxidation, heavy grease and the organic sediment that needs to be removed.
Nar-Coil is a product developed for the effective cleaning of condenser coils, heating coils and air-cooled air condensers. It is based on an acid low pH formula that enables the efficient and thorough cleaning of these units.
Power-Clean is a unique, ready to use, one-step disinfectant and cleaner product designed for evaporator coils in the heating, ventilation and air conditioning refrigeration industry.>
A innovative “no rinse” product created specifically to clean evaporator coils indoors. It is safe to use on metal and will not harm the metal of the coils. The Coil-Ox is very good for light to moderate cleaning jobs, and it is ideal for seasonal coil treatment to prevent future contamination of the coils. Coil-Ox is highly concentrated. Use with a ratio of 3 parts water to 1 part of Coil-Ox