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The Process Of Keeping The Chiller At Its Optimal Performance | Air Conditioner Cleaners

Chillers play an important role in the operation of various institutions and therefore require some cost in their maintenance. They largely consume energy therefore requiring important maintenance to make sure they are reliable and efficient. The types of maintenance used are the predictive and comprehensive preventive method.

Predictive maintenance is conducted to determine when the process of maintenance should be done. It saves on costs because it is only done on warranty. It includes the use of vibration analysis, infrared and the rotor and oil analysis. When the procedures are conducted, they make the user able to analyze the condition of the equipment.

Preventive maintenance is more improved than the predictive one because of improvements in the controls and the design. The chillers therefore have better tolerance in operation and in this method, the engineers should take into account a few things including maintaining daily operation log, keeping the tubes very clean, keeping a leak free unit and maintaining the best water treatment.

The chiller operator should maintain a daily operating log to compare the performance with the design so that they can detect any problem or unfulfilled set points. It gives the operator a chance to collect history of the conditions that are reviewable and analyzed for predicting trends and giving warning of any potential tribulations.

Leaking chiller may allow air and even moisture which are known as non-condensables to come into the system. When they get in here, they are trapped inside the condenser hence adding to condensing pressure therefore lowering the efficiency and the capacity of cooling. Moisture may also generate acids that flake speed windings hence making rust to occur. Leaks generally cause the refrigeration process to slow down hence becoming inefficient.

These leaks have high cost of repairing. They also emit gases that are harmful to the environment which could be dangerous to all. Frequent checks help in maintaining the working condition of the gadget.

Chiller’s evaporator and condenser tubes are supposed to be clean as they are the main components of transferring heat. The time when tube cleaners for closed-loop systems should be used is once in a span of three years, while for open systems it should be done periodically.

Mechanical method of cleaning helps in removing mud and other loose objects that might be present in the tubes. The method is not highly effective as it can lead to corrosion and nuisances. Chemical cleaning is the other one which gets rid of scales and this is highly recommended to determine the right chemical composition. However, they are highly toxic and may harm the skin if no proper personal protection is used.

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