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Clean and Disinfect Your Air Conditioner Evaporator Coil for Good Health | Air Conditioner Cleaners

Keep Your Air Conditioner in Tip Top Condition

When air conditioners are manufactured, the components of these cooling systems are fabricated from highest quality parts under compliance regulations. Air conditioning units last longer and provide maximum service when they are regularly maintained.

Air conditioning units installed in various climates are often subject to mold and dirt build-up. An air conditioner’s evaporator coil is often the part of an HVAC unit that is subjected to these conditions due to their location in the unit.

Maintenance of┬áhvac systems is crucial for continued use that’s free of mold and dirt build-up. Often, mold isn’t noticed until the unit is in operation and a stale odor is emitted. Clearly, this can present a health problem and necessitates regular mold cleaning and removal, particularly in the most humid climates where build-up increases daily. To keep your air conditioner in tip top condition, cleaning and disinfecting your air conditioner evaporator coil with solutions like Eco-Clean and Clean-Air insures the safe, healthy circulation of clean, cooled air.

Cleaning and Disinfecting Air Conditioner Evaporator Coils

Cleaning and disinfecting air conditioner evaporator coils is a complex process that’s best left to professional HVAC experts. Special AC coil cleaners like 2-in-1 Power-Clean effectively clean and disinfect evaporator coils. However, the HVAC pros also use the AC manufacturer’s suggested mold cleaner to remove mold. Mold in an air conditioner also requires the use of a specialized evaporator coil cleaner compatible with regional water supplies and water pressure. Mold formation is basically the growth of bacteria on the surfaces of the AC unit’s air handler and condenser coils.

Air Conditioner Coil Cleaning

HVAC professionals use a check list to insure the process of cleaning and disinfecting an air conditioner evaporator coil is thorough and efficient. The system is shut down before the work begins. Next, the system is checked for potential damage or other problems. Then, it’s vacuumed thoroughly to remove dust particles and surface dirt. Note that the vacuum used for this purpose is specially designed to reach into narrow spaces. This piece of equipment operates with a forced draft and induced draft method. Dirt is pulled into the vacuum (induced draft) and blown (forced draft) out of tiny crevices. Top grade, brand name mold cleaning products then remove stubborn mold residue, leaving the evaporator coil clean, disinfected and ready for use. The entire process generally takes less than one hour when performed by a licensed, HVAC system professional.

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